Thermography Infrared Camera Inspections


Home Inspections have been, traditionally, visual inspections. This has been taken to mean visual to the human eye and readily seen. But, just as home construction has become more technical, so has the practice of a professional Home Inspection. Electrical Circuit Analyzers, gas and CO meters and UV flashlights are now commonly used for home inspections. The newest such tool is the Thermal or IR imaging camera.



SWF Home Inspections now performs infrared home inspections. All objects have a surface temperature caused by emissivity. As the temperature changes all the material including drywall, wood, and sheathing material all change temperatures at different rates. Our Florida home inspectors use infrared cameras to see these subtle variations in temperature. When there is moisture intrusion or missing insulation it shows as cold spots. When wiring or breakers are overheating they show up as hot spots. When our inspectors scan they look for anomalies in these patterns. Within these anomalies there are usually problems. If you want one of the most thorough inspections in Southwest Florida with the use of infrared scans call SWF Home Inspections.


I am very pleased with the services of SWF Home Inspections. The inspection and follow-ups are impressive. I must admit that the inspection was the best that I have attended and the follow-up, like below, are great communication. Keep up the good work. You are my INSPECTION service from now on. Thank you for a job well done.