The Facts About Radon At Home

Radon gas is a subtle, easy-to-miss radioactive gas that’s released by a radioactive mineral as it decays. Radon gas is there in practically any landscape, and very low concentrations of radon gas are found in outdoor air.

Unfortunately, the problem with radon gas crops up when radon gas gathers in your home. Continuous inhalation of radon is a frequent cause of lung cancer in the United States.

Radon flows into a house through hard-to-spot openings in the insulation and concrete of a property. Carcinogens produced by the adjacent soil can penetrate concrete surfaces, but most often travels through noticeable cracks and gaps.

Radon Testing and Mitigation

Don’t worry, the upside to radon gas is that mitigation techniques have advanced by leaps and bounds! Over-the-counter detection kits are almost always ready to purchase at hardware stores and on Amazon. Just use a DIY radon test to determine if your house is at-risk for radon gas. For the best precision, a qualified home inspection professional can configure the radon gas test for your consideration.

If you discover that your house is endangered by radon gas with a fast and low-cost radon gas test, be sure not to panic! Just bring in a home improvement pro. You have a great variety of radon mitigation choices that can ensure your home is healthy for the whole family.

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