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The team at SWF Home Inspections is proud to support Just Against Children Drowning, an amazing non-profit that has been helping to educate and protect children and parents alike since 2010. Every member of our team gives a portion of their income, which is matched by the company. On behalf of the entire SWF Family, we are thrilled to do our part with a check for the $13,461 our team members contributed for July 2021-2022! 

From left: Jamie Olson (Inspector), Doug Smith (Inspector), Bob Massanova  (CEO), Corey Holdrich  (Inspector), Stacy Hamm  (Marketing Rep), Nikki Skaggs  (Marketing Rep), Bryan Runions  (Inspector), Paul Demello  (JACD President), Dan Downing (Marketing Rep)

From left: Jamie Olson, Bob Massanova, Doug Smith, Stacy Hamm, Corey Holdrich, Bryan Runions, Dan Downing, Paul Demello, Nikki Skaggs


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  • Just Against Children Drowning, a 501 (C)(3) non-profit foundation, was incorporated on April 1, 2010 after the tragic drowning of 13-month-old twins Joshua and Christian DeMello. Their organization spreads awareness and offers financial help when needed. The folks at JACD strongly believe and recommend that every home with a pool needs to have a child barrier (even if you don’t have children yourself ), along with proper supervision at all times. They also passionately promote swimming lessons and CPR.

  • If you want to support the life-saving work done by JACD, please click the link below to donate with your Paypal account.

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