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Laurel Home Inspection

Our staff is excited to lend a hand as you move into your upcoming house with a Laurel home inspection!

Purchasing a new property is a great moment. Let our group at SWF Home Inspections assist you to pay attention to getting your household ready for the transition. We’ll take the stress out of your move with a thorough Laurel home inspection Company!

Ever since 2003, our pros at SWF Home Inspections have given meticulous home inspections for the Laurel and SW Florida communities.

Home Inspection: What We Are Checking

Our Laurel home inspections are supplied by certified technicians. Here is what our SWF Home Inspections team will look for:

Home Window & Door Inspections

  • External doors: We confirm that the exterior doors seal and secure properly
  • Household windows: Our home inspection pros confirm that the window weatherproofing operate correctly
  • Garage door: We use the garage door and document that the safety sensor functions correctly

Property Outside Inspections

  • Outside walls: Our professionals verify that the siding or other wall coverings are healthy
  • Roof trim check: Our professionals inspect that the eaves, soffit, and fascia boards are fit
  • Roofing joints: Our professionals document that seams in the roof have an impermeable seal
  • Pavement and concrete: Our home inspection pros look over paths, walkways, and driveways
  • Water flow check: Our professionals take a look at landscape angle, surface water flow, and vegetation to record any prospective water leak problems

HVAC System Inspection

  • Heating and vent system: Our home inspection pros operate the heater to ensure the controls are working properly.
  • Cooling system inspection: We inspect the air conditioning system, to make sure the buttons act properly.
  • Features check: Our professionals verify that your heating and air conditioning systems act effectively.

Basement, Crawlspace, and Foundation Inspection

  • Crawl spaces and basements: Our home inspection pros look over any trace of wooden framing in touch with the soil.
  • Water penetration inspection: Our professionals review any symptoms of current water penetration.
  • Foundation and concrete: Our professionals inspect any symptoms of wooden framework touching or foundation movement, like evidence of sheetrock cracks, stonework cracks, out-of-alignment door framing, and unleveled flooring.
  • Integral wood inspection: Our professionals test any notching or boring of frame wood that may create a structural integrity issue.

Electrical System Inspection Services

  • Electric utility meter review: Our professionals confirm that your electrical metering and base are operating well.
  • Security review: Our home inspection pros inspect that the electrical service is grounded and bonded effectively.
  • Protection hardware check: Our professionals verify that your circuit breakers and fuses are operating well.
  • Light switches & electrical receptacles: We inspect several switches, fixtures, and receptacles, which include grounded switches.

Laurel Plumbing System Inspections

  • Water boiler inspection: Our professionals inspect the vent outputs, fuel source, and temperature pressure relief valves (TPRs)
  • Interior water supply review: We review all fixtures, faucets, and toilets
  • Drain review: We view tubs, showers, and sinks for drains operating correctly 
  • Sump pumps inspection: We review bilge pumps that are accessible

Why Choose SWF Home Inspections for Laurel Home Inspections

When you team up with our team of Laurel home inspection technicians, you can count on us to supply outstanding residential inspections on a fast timeline.

To hear from our Laurel home inspectors for your home inspection services, give us a call today at 941-493-4334!

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