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Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection is performed by a licensed inspector who has been trained to identify various factors of a Florida home that will increase or decrease the overall wind resistance level of the building. The inspector will carefully examine and assess both the interior and exterior of the property as well as relevant elements of the landscaping.

The idea is to determine how prepared your home is for a potential storm that could cause it serious damage. Photographs will be taken of features listed on the wind mitigation form to document their condition at the time of the inspection, and you will be sent a comprehensive inspection report. 

What Does A Wind Mitigation Inspection Cover? 

Before ordering a wind mitigation inspection, you should get acquainted with the basics of what will be on the report. So, what exactly are the inspectors looking for? Here are the main factors they focus on when assessing the wind resistance strength of your home:

  1. The condition of the roofing. The first line of defense against strong winds from the top is the roof covering (roofing shingles or other roofing material). It is important to know when it was installed, what is the wind resistance rating of the material, and how it was attached to the roof decking.
  2. Roof deck-roof structure attachment. Next, it is crucial to know what type of roof deck is used (usually plywood of some kind), whether it is attached to the roof structure with nails or staples, and how long the nails are and how far apart they are.
  3. Roof-wall connection. How the roof trusses and rafters are attached to the building below is also a major factor. Hurricane winds or tornadoes have been known to lift roofs off the house below them. Installing hurricane clips and having double instead of single wraps is a plus as to wind mitigation scores.
  4. Roof shape. The height, pitch, and contours of your roof matter, especially in relation to the prevailing wind patterns where you live. Hip versus gabled roofs score differently. If you have gable ends, it’s best if they are braced or otherwise reinforced.
  5. Wall construction. The way walls are framed, the materials they are built from, and how they are reinforced (steel or concrete reinforcement) all matter on the report.
  6. Opening protections. Closing shutters, impact-resistant glass, steel doors, hurricane-rated doors and windows, and other features that strengthen your building’s openings can improve your wind mitigation inspection results.
  7. Secondary water barriers. Newer homes these days often have a secondary water barrier that can protect the interior against wind-driven rain that may get through the primary water barrier.

These are only a few of the most important points that will be looked at by your wind mitigation inspector. There are literally hundreds of items to be inspected and checked off. Many of these have to do with the roofing system, but other parts of the home also have an impact on a building’s overall wind mitigation rating.

Who Should Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection Done?

There are several reasons to get a wind mitigation inspection. Here are the most common situations where one would be advisable:

  • You are considering buying a new home and want to make sure it will stand up against strong winds and major storms.
  • You are getting homeowner’s insurance soon and want to get as low a premium as possible  OR you have home insurance and want to see if you can lower your current monthly payment amount.
  • You just had new roofing and some other improvements done on your home and believe you would now qualify for wind mitigation discounts that you wouldn’t have earned before.
  • You are selling your home or thinking about listing it soon. Being able to say that you have had a wind mitigation inspection done could be a key selling point.

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